Be a Rockstar

It’s the attitude of Rockstars that I love. Glitter, glamour and an untamed attitude.

Do you know that feeling, where you go for red lipstick, high heels, that leather jacket and you don’t care what people think? Thát is Rockstar! And there should be jewelry to match this feeling:

Rockstar Jewelry!

Every piece is handmade with love and dedication. Chic and sexy jewels, to go with your Rockstar outfit.

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“The Queen”

My signature jewel, “The Queen”. Choose your own unique perfect gemstone and make her shine!

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About me

“Used to be a fulltime lawyer, now I’m having fun.” How I became a jewelry maker? Check out my story here.

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Let’s meet for a custom made jewel!

I just love people who decided to treat themselves with something special. I definately think you are worth it! Check out my work to discover my style and be inspired so we can create something together.


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